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Viva Las Vegas!

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!

Sometimes events converge like space debris being pulled into a black hole, and you end up in Las Vegas “en route” from Massachusetts to a family wedding on Long Island… In this case, it was spring break, and my husband BADLY needed a vacation (the silly boy hadn’t taken any time off after our son’s bar mitzvah and was burning out fast).

Then he happened to utter the phrases “roller coasters in the hotels”, “slot machines”, and “pools with trees in them” in rapid succession within earshot of my son, and before you know it, we were sudsing the gazillion dishes from a large Passover seder one day and sitting on sloppily packed suitcases to force them shut the next. (Passover in Las Vegas…, you may be thinking, do they serve matzo at the buffets? The answer is: No, but we brought an emergency supply in our carry-on luggage).

We stayed in the Luxor, an ancient-Egypt-themed resort with faux monuments and artifacts at every turn (a 3 story-high Sphinx with gold-and-blue striped headdress crouching over the front entrance; seated Pharoahs in the lobby, their laps at eye level; “authentic” hieroglyphs inside the elevators; “ruins” in the “Pharoah’s Pheast” dining area which suggested the Met’s “Temple of Dendur” exhibit after powerwashing.