Welcome to Cur.io

Welcome to Cur.io, where I’ll be sharing rhapsodic meanderings, droll anecdotes, and bits of arcane but fascinating history about the vintage duds, baubles, and paraphernalia that I collect enthusiastically and also recycle for a profit (at my online store, The Peacock’s Eye!)

Chapter one of this blog was to have been a vintage bildungsroman of sorts, starting at the true beginning of things, when my mother’s clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics were objects of desire, study, and a packrat-like mania. That entry must be postponed, however, because I’ve just spent the past 3 months fighting, along with 3 other vintage “jool” buffs, to rescue authentic “Weiss” costume gems from drowning in the flood of cheap, newly-manufactured fakes spilling out of eBay into flea markets, antique malls, and private collections nationwide and abroad.

I was lucky enough to meet my three friends and sister “detectives” online, while trying to sort out the mess around a lot of 60-some-odd vintage rhinestone pieces I had purchased on eBay for holiday resale, and which turned out to contain 5 fake “signed” pieces. The three women all happened to be members of an eBay jewelry trade/collectors’ interest group I’d recently joined, and before too long we found ourselves spending hours a day researching the counterfeit Weiss fiasco, sharing our results with one another by phone and through email, and strategizing about how we could get an indifferent eBay to get the thieves out of its marketplace and keep “real” Weiss jewelry from being permanently devalued.

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