Cookie Cutter Counterfeits 1

Almost as much as the gasp-inducing workmanship (all those choice Austrian crystals, meticulously hand-set, with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of tiny metal prongs bent to secure the stones in place–the mere thought of it gives me a case of vicarious eye strain…), what collectors of Weiss and designers like him prize most about their costume “gems” is that they’ve had to hunt a bit to find them. And therein lies the yummy paradox–that something mass-produced (through labor-intensive methods) becomes more unique over time, with the rarest (and often best-known) designs most valuable of all.

On the other hand, finding six or seven hundred eBay listings daily, for months on end, for brand-new, cheaply made, cookie cutter “signed Weiss” brooches fresh from the Rhode Island or Asian factory (crudely cast from a mold and then “set” with bulk-purchased rhinestones and glue at home by enterprising scammers)–well, that’s not yummy at all.

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