The Globe Tailoring Co. Sample Book: Spring/Summer 1926 (Part II)

First in today’s lineup, a  young man’s “two button soft roll sack”, and the fabric options he could have it made in: Serges, silk mixtures, herringbone weaves, and tartans:

Next up, a soft roll sack which had piping on the lower pockets; I don’t know if my camera picked up how intricate the weave is in closeup #3, but that swatch appears almost to be a brocade:

The top left “novelty twist overplaid”would have been my runaway choice for the sport coats shown below. (And might I remark–the shoes and argyle socks on the young golfer are not too shabby either!):

Three “conservative” sack models came in novelty overplaid and worsted fabric options (check out the weave in closeups #4, 6, and 8):

Next up: Some tie silk swatches for your delectation, from a sample book dated 1926.

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