Tie Silk Swatches, 1926 (Part III)

At long last, the final pages in the 1926 tie silk swatch sample book. The bad news is that the book does NOT represent a spring/summer line of cravat silks, as I seemed to suggest in the first two posts about it; not only is its spine marked “Fall” in faint but clear letters (duh), but the examples in today’s post have distinctly autumnal colorways.

As for the good news: The last several pages in the book (mostly marked “Austria” or “Czecho Slovakia”) contain, to my mind, some of the most staggeringly beautiful swatches of all. Some of the brocades are so exquisitely detailed (and that’s an understatement), it’s almost hard to imagine entire ties fashioned out of them.

So…Happy Autumn, & enjoy!

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