Do-It-Yourself Weiss

Sometimes superglue and a bag of ABs are a blank’s best friends… Here four Weiss brooch wannabes have at-home makeovers. (The question of the hour is: After you see the “before”, will you still love the “after”?)

1) “Signed Weiss” Ladybug Blank

Voila! Ladybug for Sale!

2) “Signed Weiss” Pinwheel Blank

Pinwheel Clone with Stones!

3) “Weiss” Butterfly Blank

What a Deal!

4) “Weiss” Xmas Tree Blank

Ho Ho Ho

Now for a quiz on today’s material: Type “Weiss brooch” into the eBay search bar and scan the 775 listings that come up to see how many Weiss ladybugs, pinwheels, butterflies, and Christmas trees just like the ones above you can find…

Are we having fun yet?

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